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The first debut of this exhibition was held at Artisans Palate in NoDa of Charlotte, NC. Reception was on Saturday, February 3rd at 2024. Ms. Meikle was encouraged to add the figure to her work, and see what magic happens. This serries currently hangs in the 'Indigo Gallery' at The VAPA Center. On display from April 1st to May 21st. 


wake up serries _edited.jpg

This series came about while meditating outside. During meditation, I was reacting to birds singing and making colors and lines behind my eyes. It was magical, and I did my best to replicate the experience.

This series was a bit impulsive, it was a trial and error that became its own series. The Wake Up series has roughly 50 sketches. While using the sketches as a reference, the paint application brought this sustained moment. The painting no longer needed work or paint, it was fine on its own. Sometimes the process is where we can find stability rather than the end result.

Let it be 1 of 50 1_edited.jpg


This series is just that. While working on multiple paintings, and still trying to find my mark. This series started as a study and became the style I have wanted to create for quite some time. 


Ms. Meikle was highly encouraged to incorporate the figure with her abstract work. This series is just that.

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