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Experiencing sticker shock....?

Fine Art should be affordable. My artwork pricing is calculated from $1 to $3 per square inch. Below are 6-month payment options. The payment options include Charlotte NC 28202 sales tax of 7.25%. Once all payments are received, the artwork will be ready for pick up or delivery. Shipping fees vary to state or region; I can also personally drop off the artwork if requested.

An abstract artwork in shades of blue depicting the idea of escaping. Created with modeling paste, pigment, a spatula and the art’s energy. Brushstrokes and drips add texture to the piece.
A finished artwork from the “Sustained” series by Charlotte-based artist Chalice Meikle. There are luscious broad brushstrokes of cyan and yellow, mixed with a transparent purple layer seemingly poured onto the canvas and manipulated by gravity. Sometimes the process is where we can find stability rather than the end result.  

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This quote form is not for negociating pricing. This page exsists to work within your monthly budget. 

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