Located in the lobby to Nine Eighteen Nine Studio Gallery in the VAPA Center

Make Your Mark is a compilation of experiments featuring dance movement and layering techniques with mixed media. During two residencies in 2019, I was strongly encouraged to ‘find my mark’. What colors, composition, style, and mark-making would make my work of art distinguished from other artists.

I still haven’t quite found it, but the process has been lovely. I was getting too tight within compositions using spatulas and acrylics (you can see these neon works on the 1st floor and the second floor. Or click here), it was then suggested by a professor I use my feet and try to make minimal marks in order to ‘find my mark’.

Since I was using my feet, I had to listen to music. The playlist is available here, the songs are the titles of the work.

The contemporary artist Trisha Brown has been an influence while creating all these drawings hanging on the large wall by the front doors, as well as the warm color pallet on mylar towards the center of the room. Bellow on this page you’ll see some of the tools I used in order to make these.

Some movements needed a plate I could dip my toes into charcoal, powdered pigment, or ink. Then when I wanted less control with mark-making, I would attach brushes to my feet.

This exhibition is up for 2 weeks. I hope you enjoy the show, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.