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A digital abstract live portrait drawing by Chalice Meikle. The artwork depicts the abstract profile of a young woman against a deep, slightly dusty purple background. Blocks of neon pink serve as highlights, while marks resembling pencil and round brush strokes fill in the rest of the face, creating shadow-like effects.


Take your time to create.

Meet the Team

A group of painters sit down at portraits in progress while studying a live model. A painter sits with their back to the camera. They are painting a women’s face with a flower headdress over an amber underpainting. They paint with their right hand while referencing a photo on their phone in their left hand.


Unleash your creativity with the Charlotte Portrait Group at the VAPA Center every Wednesday! From beginners to seasoned artists, our supportive community will guide you in bringing portraits to life. Explore the joy of capturing expressions in a nurturing environment. Reserve your spot for our 3-hour sessions, each focusing on one pose. Beyond representation, portrait art delves into human connection and expression, fostering empathy and technical mastery. Painting or drawing from life offers a timeless reflection of humanity, celebrating individuality and the beauty of the human spirit. Join us and let your artistic journey flourish!

Where to Find Us


The VAPA Center 

700 N Tryon St

Charlotte, NC, 28205

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An action shot that shows the right hand of local artist Kevin Harris as he prepares to add pencil to a painted portrait taped flat on a clipboard. The portrait appears show a women’s face looking off the left. A watercolor palette and paintbrushes appear in the background.

Our schedule predominantly goes 

Make sure to follow Kevin Harris and Chalice Meikle on social media to stay up to date with schedule changes. 

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