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     We must realize that art is accessible to everyone. Art is a moment of balanced meditation. Coming from a family with addiction, extreme abandonment, and neglect, I have chosen a career in art therapy. The creative outlet and release I made for myself is something I wish to share with others.


     Art and therapy have turned me into the functional human being I am today. Therapy has been the one outlet in my life that has helped me see the mistakes I have unconsciously made due to my upbringing and how to respond better in situations. Art has helped create the feeling of release to let go of the past. 

      Although my training is in painting, I enjoy sculpting, poetry, printmaking, photography, and dance to create what needs to exist. Combining these two forms led me into a world where I had self-worth, and my voice mattered even when I couldn’t find the words. My work is predominantly abstract, contemporary, or highly conceptual expressive pieces.


Chalice Meikle (Florida, b.1990) received a BFA in painting in the winter of 2015 from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. Ms. Meikle has exhibited her works in multiple juried exhibitions, including Counting Up at the Levine Museum in Charlotte, NC, Small Works at the Gutstein Gallery in Savannah, GA, the Sensory Showcase at the LMNT Gallery in Miami, FL, and a photography show at the Evendale Cultural Arts Center in Cincinnati, OH. She has participated in art residencies with the Dacia Gallery in New York, NY, the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL, and the Braitman Studio in Charlotte, NC. Ms. Meikle previously orchestrated and owned Unorthodox Studios in Charlotte, NC, where she resides. She is currently pursuing a career in Expressive Arts Therapy.

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