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Featured Artists

Ms. Meikle has worked with these artists to promote and curate their solo exhibitions. The artists have either shown at Unorthodox Studios in the NoDa location or the Nine Eighteen Nine Studio Gallery. Both Nine Eighteen Nine and Unorthodox Studios reside in the VAPA Center in uptown Charlotte, NC.

Nine eighteen nine

These featured artists were showcased with Ms. Meikle at the Nine Eighteen Nine Studio Gallery for a popup exhibition. These are held every 3rd Sunday of the month from March to September of 2022.


Bryan Wilson

Fine Artist Oil Painter

Bryan Wilson grew up between New Jersey and Georgia. It was in Georgia, at the age of 16, that he began his artistic career. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Studio Art with a Minor in Graphic Design from Morris Brown College.

After graduating college, he became an in-house Graphic Designer for the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, GA. After a couple of years, and getting married, he and his wife relocated to Charlotte, NC, where he began teaching art at a public school and obtained his teaching credentials at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. It was in 2012 that Bryan decided to take his painting, and picture-making, ability to another level by pursuing his MFA in Drawing/Painting at the Academy of Art University where he graduated in 2015. He is now exhibiting throughout the US and abroad alongside other distinguished artists. 

 He is currently showing work at Foster’s Frame and Art in Huntersville, NC and Coffey & Thompson Gallery in Charlotte, NC in addition to representation by Portraits, Inc.


Bunny Luna

Nature Photographer

Bunny Luna (they/them) is a queer agender ecosexual witch whose work honors the interconnectedness of creativity, exploration, self-discovery, + healing. Their nude self-portraits + 35mm film double exposures have been shown in galleries across the country + published internationally. Bunny has facilitated creative healing community events since 2016 both in-person + online with the intention to elevate + support the community through honoring the sacred uniqueness of life + enabling experiences of love + open-hearted connection with people of diverse backgrounds.
We Are Interconnected tells the visual story of our interdependence with nature. Double exposures blur the line between self + other, opening us up to the magic of the unknown while co-creating with the universe. Nudity shows us that there is strength in vulnerability, sharing who we are because we have nothing to hide. Removing layers of expectations and assumptions, we remember we are unique parts of a whole. We are each other. We Are Interconnected.


Jacky Claiborne

Multi Media Artist

Jacky Claiborne was born in Charlotte in 1963. After being diagnosed with autism as a child, Jacky was recommended for institutional care, but he spent most of his school years in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, flourishing in the system’s three “open” schools: Irwin Ave. Elementary, Piedmont Middle and West Charlotte High, where he graduated in 1983. In high school, Jacky was known for his love of rock music and soccer, and for creating “The Lingo,” which he teaches to most people he meets. The friendships he formed in his youth have remained strong throughout his life. Jacky has always been a creative dynamo – he has recorded several albums of original music with his band The Falling Pebbles, and has written, illustrated and hand-assembled several novels.


Pat Boyer

Abstract Painter

Two of Mrs. Patricia Boyer (Tricia) ‘s great passions in life are family and art. Drawing and art have been a passion of hers since junior high school due to the inspiration of her 7th-grade art teacher. Fine art painting is the medium of choice for her creative expression. The passion behind her paintings is knowing that she can make herself and others smile, no matter what each is going through in their lives. She has learned more about the fine art medium and other local artists during her journey.
Tricia displays her art around Charlotte at venues including solo exhibitions at the Festival in the Park, Kings Drive Art Walk, Metropolitan Take Over, Fosters Frame and Gallery, Whitewater Diamond and South End Gallery Crawl as well as Kay & Kays Event Suites, Sycamore Brewery, Coffey and Thompson Art Gallery for her solo exhibitions. She has won several awards for her artwork and has been featured on the ‘Let’s Talk Art With Brooke’ podcast on many occasions, ‘Chat and Spin Radio’ with Ian Johnson in the UK with over 2,000 listeners, and ‘Living the Dream' The 2.0 Grandma interview with Marsha McLean, which has set her among the top artists in the Charlotte area. She has participated in a ‘Voice of America’ Arts & Culture Magazine interview with Salim where local artists discussed the art scene as it emerges during the pandemic. Individuals as well as corporate collections collect Tricia’s art.


Michael Maxwell


I am a free lance photographer focused on portraiture and documentary/street photography. I am self taught and have been working in Charlotte North Carolina for more than 20 years. I also have a career as a social worker. A lot of what I do in both photography and social work go hand in hand. Being present and recognizing the humanity in others is what drives my work and passion. Throughout my photography journey, I have been fortunate to have exhibited in many shows and competitions.


Featured artists who have shown with Unorthodox Studios in the NoDa Location. These exhibitions showed every 2nd Saturday of the month in late 2018 to beginning of 2019. Unorthodox Studios shut down in March 2020 and reopened at the VAPA Center in March 2022. 


Multi Media Fine Artist

Rebecca Lipps is a multifaceted artist and educator that moved to Charlotte from Cincinnati, Ohio in 2013. Rebecca received a Bachelor of Arts from Xavier University with a concentration in painting. In May 2019, she received her Masters of Fine Arts from Winthrop University with a concentration in sculpture and video installation. In 2019, Charlotte’s Arts and Science Council named her a Community Supported Artist and she exhibited her work with Art Pop at Le Meridian Hotel. Her paintings center around her interest in discovering patterns in nature. She films and edits video to appear as a moving painting that cohesively blends with her 2D work. Lipps plans to explore more of these contrasts in pattern and human behavior through combinations of material and technology. You can view one of her murals and take one of her paint and sip classes at Bold Missy Brewery. Catch her live painting at SteveFest 2020.

image1 (1).jpeg

Jason Parker aka jbird.the.vandal


Jason Parker is a street artist , muralist , conscious vandal from the American south. A carpenter by trade, eternally blue collar and true to the title of “tinkerer” he is well versed in building methods, printing, screen printing, and has dabbled in most forms of visual art and visual communication. His gallery shows are primarily composed with spray paint and variations of stencil methods. Although, forever exploring and restless, many works appear as ink illustrations, photography, and sculptures. Parker’s style and methods are heavily inspired by early hip-hop culture, punk rock, skateboarding and the DIY ethics of these cultures.


Graphic Novelist 
Sequential Artist

Ken Knudtsen is a recently relocated NY writer and artist(Wolverine) and the creator of My Monkey's Name is Jennifer(SLG Publishing), and has also worked on animation for projects developed by Comedy Central, Robert Reich, and PBS. Feel free to discuss with him the awesomeness of Huey Lewis & the News, Fast Five, John Wick, and Aquaman at your earliest convenience.


Mixed Media Fine Artist

Mixed media artist, Keith is known to work with everything from resin, sand, arylic, oil, charcoal pencil, paper, and found objects to create highly textured pieces rich in movement and depth.  Raised on the Jersey Shore and spending much of his time playing in Manhattan his art reflects both the energy and sole of the two in an abstract way.   Color sets a mood, texture reflect a memory.


Multi Media Artist

Julio Gonzalez is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist. His work stems from the exploration into his mixed heritage. Born of a Honduran mother and Mexican father while growing up in the South during the 80's, his experience is one of being from somewhere else. His practice relies on constantly asking "what if?" and embracing the random.


Michele Hoffman aka Toy Tantrum 

Multi Media Artist

My Work Has Taken Many Forms Over The Years Including Figure Drawing, Painting, Clay, Sculpture, Stained Glass, Mixed Media, Collage And Assemblage, Most Recently Focusing On Recycled Materials.

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